Motor Pool

General Information
The mission of Motor Pool is to ensure all University motor vehicles are maintained per manufacturer and University safety regulations; make all vehicle repairs safely and efficiently; and provide University customers with the best parts and service possible. Motor Pool also provides new vehicle assistance to departments and obtains license plates for University 9-plate vehicles. The state-owned fuel station is run and maintained by Motor Pool. In addition, Motor Pool retains all vehicle maintenance and inventory control records.

Repair and Maintenance
Approximately 100 departments use University vehicles. Motor Pool repairs and maintains all University vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, vans, club cars, all service vehicles, and landscape equipment. Motor Pool also provides towing and emergency service. Call Motor Pool to schedule repair or maintenance and please provide the following information: University license plate number, mileage, and name and phone number.

Vehicle maintenance service includes much more than an oil change. Several inspections and checks are performed, including hoses, belts, pulleys, battery and cables; steering and suspension, brakes; exhaust system; tires; heater and defroster; fluid levels; lights, horn, windshield wipers, and more.

Motor Pool recommends checking the service sticker on your University vehicle, located on the upper left-hand corner of the windshield. If the date or mileage on the service sticker is past due, call Motor Pool for an appointment as soon as possible. Motor Pool highly recommends the designation of one person in your department to check the service sticker on a regular basis.

Parts and Supplies
Motor Pool sells automotive and other vehicle parts and supplies to University departments. Motor Pool will find the part that your University vehicle needs. Please provide Motor Pool with an FRS account number for billing when requesting parts or supplies.

New Vehicle Assistance
All new University vehicles are obtained through Purchasing and received through Motor Pool. Motor Pool assists departments in the selection process and considers the following factors: department needs and vehicle purpose; new or used, 2 door/4 door, mini van/full size van; pickup truck/SUV, light duty/medium duty/heavy duty; options to include; and how to get the most fuel efficient vehicle available.

In addition, Motor Pool inspects new vehicles, obtains license plates for University 9-plate vehicles, and distributes registration and insurance cards.

Preferred Vehicles
The University encourages all departments to choose from the “Preferred Vehicle Purchasing List” when purchasing or leasing vehicles.

Fuel Station
Motor Pool runs and maintains the state-owned fuel station where gas and diesel are supplied to University vehicles from 7am-3:20pm. To get fuel, you must have a University Fuel ProKey. Motor Pool assigns a ProKey to each University vehicle. Each department is assigned a user pin number to access fuel from the University Fuel Master system. Arrangements can be made for rental vehicles to access fuel. Fuel purchases are billed monthly. Departments are sent a detailed report of fuel usage.

Call Motor Pool to request a Fuel ProKey and please provide the following information: University license plate number; vehicle make, model, year, and fuel tank capacity; FRS account number for billing; University address, including unit number; and name and phone number.

Surplus and Trade In Vehicles
All “retired” University vehicles—either for surplus or for trade in—must be returned to Motor Pool. Motor Pool removes UConn logos from retired vehicles. Vehicles are declared surplus via an ACT 39 form, Transfer/Retirement of Equipment/Supplies. Motor Pool completes the ACT 39 for all University vehicles that have license plates. Departments complete the ACT 39 for all “non-plated” University vehicles; e.g., golf carts, tractors, etc. Surplus University vehicles are sold at an auction held outside the Public Surplus Store. Notices of auctions are posted on the Central Stores website.

Emissions testing of University vehicles is performed by T & B Motors in Mansfield. Motor Pool contacts departments when emissions testing is due. Departments are responsible for taking their University vehicle to T & B Motors for emissions testing and for obtaining a Vehicle Inspection Report. Please provide Motor Pool with a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report. Emissions testing fees are billed in the same batch as repairs and parts.

Wash Bay
Motor Pool has a self-service wash bay for cleaning University vehicles, first come, first served. Reservations are not accepted. The wash bay is open 7am – 3:20pm. Motor Pool provides the water, hoses, soap, brushes, vacuum cleaner, and an environmentally approved drainage system. Customers provide the vehicle and the labor.

Transportation Services
Obtain motor vehicle accident reports from Transportation Services and send completed accident reports to Transportation Services. In addition, send your mileage reports to Transportation Services. For more information, please visit their website, Transportation Services.

For more information, please call Motor Pool, 860-486-3029.